RICS School of Built Environment – Shaping & Upskilling the Youth for Excellent Career During COVID-19

NEW DELHI, India: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a ‘new normal’; some of the ‘known’ has undergone a change and new scenarios have emerged. Many industries and sectors, most noticeably travel, tourism and hospitality sectors will take a long time to recover. But all is not gloomy, some opportunities, too, have emerged and silver linings peek through the dark cloud – we need to recognize those and utilize our time wisely. Two sectors that continue to witness growth are – Technology and Real Estate & Infrastructure. Technology has emerged as the key to growth and education by enabling online classes in these times. Real Estate & Infrastructure requirements are timeless and growth in this sector is expected to bring prosperity for our country’s economy too.

It is important to foresee the changes and opportunities and adopt and adapt them. Students need to proactively visualize what the new emerging world would look like, explore, leverage the opportunities on offer, and work towards building appropriate skills to excel in the new world. At this time, RICS SBE is able to provide the best growth opportunities to students by leveraging technology to prepare its students to serve the real needs of the Built Environment (BE) sector. Knowledge is now being imparted in real time through virtual sessions.

Opportunities in Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure sector

The Built Environment sector continues to offer unprecedented growth opportunities for young professionals who would like to make a rewarding career in the sector. The demand for skilled professionals is high and the opportunities are countless. Let us look at the areas in the BE sector which young professionals can choose for a fast-track career growth.

Urban Planning

It is estimated that by 2050, nearly half of the Indian population will be living in urban areas. Urban Planning ensures optimal use of land and resources and land development, and is therefore, an essential service for foreseeable future. Urban Planning also involves designing civic infrastructure and utilizing it in the best possible way to make sure that the needs of the community are met.

Project Management

Project management as a career path has gained significant recognition in recent times and efficient Project Managers are always in high demand in the Built Environment sector. Large investments, high stakes and fierce competition in the sector means that there is a need for proper planning, organizing and quick response to internal and external issues. Project managers are trained to have a structural approach to planning, managing, and controlling the resources. They manage time, cost, quality, and people.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors manage the finances for construction projects. They conduct feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labour costs on a project. They prepare, negotiate and analyse costs for tenders and contracts. They ensure that the projects are delivered within the given time and cost constraints. They also advise on a range of legal and contractual issues.

Facilities Management

Facility managers are responsible for planning and managing facility services which help to ensure that the entire built environment is safe, controlled, and running smoothly. They enable the efficiency of a workplace and plan for both strategic and tactical operations.

Investment Management

A career as an investment manager requires one to evaluate projects with due diligence, get the most return on investment for clients and provide finance related services in real estate environment.

Real Estate Developer

Real estate developer is the axis around whom the entire real estate project revolves. Right from ideation to execution to completion to the handover of the project to the final owners, the real estate developer is responsible for the gestation period and delivery of the project. A developer needs to have a result-oriented mindset with a deep understanding of the market to devise an appropriate marketing plan for a particular project.

A Globally Accredited Degree right here – in your own country 

RICS is a 150-year plus old institution and global standard-setting body for the Real Estate and Construction sector. The institution has an impeccable pedigree around the world with all major BE organizations who prefer hiring RICS qualified people. An RICS-accredited degree is a benchmark, complies with international standards and is valued by companies all over the world.

Choose the right institute

There are relatively few institutes in India that offer courses in real estate. Students should choose an institute that offers ‘RICS accredited courses’ in India. Accreditation has proved to be the key differentiator in terms of the quality of education that the students get.

Currently, MBA courses offered by RICS SBE are the only RICS accredited courses available in India, making these specialized degrees much more valuable for the students and sought after by the industry.

The MBA in Construction Project Management from RICS SBE is the only program in India to be granted a PMI accreditation. The globally accepted accreditation along with a curriculum that trains the students in all the relevant theoretical, practical and software skills ensures that students get good placement offers in India as well as in the international market.

Online Internships & Training Programs

RICS SBE has been proactive in ensuring the continuity in learning for its students even during the pandemic and lockdowns. It was one of the protagonists in starting online internships and training programs. The institute prepared a list of research topics related to real issues for which the industry is looking for answers. Students could choose internship projects according to their interests. They were assigned a faculty mentor and an industry expert who guide them in their research.  These internships are interactive, learning-centric and user-friendly. It is the need of the hour to maintain continuity in education and also to contribute to the thought leadership.

Specialized Faculty members

The faculty members at RICS SBE follow a combination of theoretical and practical approaches for teaching students. The course curriculum is curated by subject matter experts who possess a considerable knowledge and skill in the construction field. This provides students an unparalleled clarity and understanding of the core concepts in real estate and construction industry.

Excellent Placement Record

RICS SBE holds an excellent placement record since inception, and the industry has whole heartedly supported them. The students have been placed in leading real estate, construction, infrastructure firms and companies across India and internationally. The placement reports for the years gone by including 2019 & 2018 is available on the institute website and is a testimony to RICS SBE being the hub for all major organizations in Built Environment looking to hire quality talent. The active nature of the placement cell helps the students in getting the right fit for their careers within weeks of placement procedures.

With the epidemic bringing the economical activity to a grinding halt, hiring across sectors has almost ceased currently for the last 4 months. RICS SBE have been able to get placement requirements both domestically and internationally even in this period. There are clearly new trends emerging and new roles evolving in times to come in the post COVID era.